Producers continue to subscribe to scripts with a casino subject

Many films have been published about stories from the gambling world. For example, think of blockbusters Hollywood productions such as ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘Casino Royale’ and ’21’. The subject remains as popular as ever, and producers continue to subscribe to scripts with a casino subject. On this page is a growing overview of films related to the gaming world. The titles are organized by year. We’re adding a new title every week so if you’re a casino and movie buff, make a shortcut to this page.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati kid poker movie Steve McQueen plays The Kid and is the best and coldest poker player in New Orleans. He has only one formidable opponent to tolerate, which is apparent from his nickname: The Man. What follows is a blood-curdling fight between the two competitors. It even gets so out of hand that it becomes a fight for life and death. It’s the two of them who will rule the gambling world in New Orleans. Created in 1965, The Cincinnati Kid is known among gambling enthusiasts as an outright classic. And that also means we’re going back to a time when there were games without sunglasses or headphones. In The Cincinnati Kid, the non-verbal game is again central as usual. Pay particular attention to the character build-up and the last round because they are rock-solid in this film by Norman Jewison. It is no coincidence that the story takes place in New Orleans, as this is the US where poker games started to gain incredible popularity in the 1930s.

Ocean’s Eleven

And we’re not talking about the 2001 film of the same name starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Andy Garcia in the lead roles. Because in 1960, it would be the forerunner of this crime film that would have an equally impressive cast. The Warner Bros film is all about 11 friends who met during World War II. Together they come up with a plan to rob the five major casinos (Sands, Sahara, Desert Inn, Flamingo, Riviera) in Las Vegas at one of the most critical times: New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, for the cunning group of friends, something goes wrong during the robbery. And so the film suddenly takes a very unexpected turn. Who was assigned a role in the so-called heist film? Frank Sinatra plays casino boss Danny Ocean. Peter Lawford took on the part of Jimmy Foster, and Dean Martin performed the part by Sam Harmon. So not the least. No wonder the film was the inspiration for the famous 2001 remake.

Casino Jack

Casino Jack This film is all about Jack Abramoff, a notorious American businessman with far-reaching political influence. His role is played by the also discredited Kevin Spacey. Jack Abramoff works as a lawyer but often spends his night hours in the casino. There he bribes people and frequently commits fraud to gain financial benefits. In the end, however, Jack runs into the lamp, ensuring that the businessman ends up in prison. And he hadn’t taken that into account. Because the case exposes many corruption scandals, American politics is not spared in this true story. The film thus becomes a thriller with an again very charismatic Kevin Spacey. It even earns the actor a Golden Globe nomination. For the casino enthusiast, Casino Jack is also one that you must have seen.


Casino films 21 twenty oneIn the spring of 2008, the more than fascinating casino film 21 appeared on the silver screen. This film is based on a true story. The blackjack team at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology, creates a furore. The story revolves around the bright math student Ben Campbell who has significant problems paying for his expensive studies. When the very young student manages to attract the attention of Professor Mickey Rosa thanks to his mathematical talents, Ben manages to get out of his financial problems. Professor Rosa includes the math prodigy in his blackjack team. It would be the beginning of a spectacular film that is full of luxury, love and deceit. The movie 21 takes you to the world of fast money. And in a world where money is made quickly, it is always at the expense of others. All the greed sends the team into a downward spiral. Of course, that can only mean one thing: that none of them will come off better.